Project start date



210 days

Project status

In progress


Strategy, UX design, UI design, frontend development, backend development, integrations.

People involved

4 people - UX/UI designer, Framendi developer, Bakendi developer, Project manager.

Partasalinn is connecting used auto part stores into one marketplace and enables users to easily search, order and pay for the components they are in need of. The platform features vehicle catalogue, car license plate to car model translator, car parts catalogue and easy to navigate user interface, admin tools for vendors, third party payment module and checkout options and more. On the back-end it is powered by MongoDB and AWS for data security, integration and accessibility purposes. Partasalinn is created as a result of the challenges that auto repair workshops run into when looking for used spare parts - dispersed market, complicated and time consuming search process. The platform solves logistic problems for 100+ used spare parts vendors and car repair workshops.

User flow


1. User enters licence plate number


2. Licence plate number translated to VIN number OR user prompt to enter vehicle details manually


3. User is taken to a catalogue of parts that are suitable for this vehicle


4. User checks details of individual part and adds it to the basket


5. In the cart user finds all parts that were selected, they can now go to check-out process

Mobile ready

Partasalinn comes mobile ready. The layout of the site adjusts to any device, including portable computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc. With this enabled, users can take advantage of the platform even when they are on the go.


Vendor portal

Every used auto spare parts store registered in the system gets access to a vendor portal. The vendor dashboard features a complete set of functions that are necessary for management of the store, stock and sales. The first step the vendor has to perform is to add vehicles that are going to be dismantled. This particular process is very important as information provided is indexed and will be cross-referenced with individual parts.


Individual vehicle overview

Portal user has a complete overview of the vehicle that is being dismantled. The “Analytics” tab contains statistics on sold parts, task lists and other relevant numerical data. Other tabs feature information about each unit, list of all parts of this vehicle, notes and remarks, and tasks list for workflow control.


Fleet overview

Additionally to information about individual units, users can also view the entire fleet of cars. Different types of vehicles such as commercial vehicles, motorcycles and agricultural machinery can also be enlisted to the portal. Some individual and bundle functions are available for status updates as well as deletion of obsolete dismantlement projects.

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Hugbúnaðarþróunarfyrirtæki. Þverfaglegt teymi, samsett af grafískum hönnuðum, verkefnastjórum og framenda- og bakendaforriturum.



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